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Survey software designed to empower shared community knowledge.

For community leaders who want efficient, flexible, and comparable data.

SurveyStack helps support groups like yours, with custom tools and processes to get the data you need, where you need it.

Easy-To-Use Features

We understand that data is only as valuable as your ability to use it. SurveyStack’s flexible tools make each step of your data’s journey simpler. Starting with an easy survey builder, we offer intuitive data collection, community management tools, flexible data processing, and visualizations and scripts to make your data work for your needs– from thought to finish.







Quickly design surveys in your browser

Version and recover forms

Use existing question sets for faster building and data comparability

Write scripts in surveys for feedback and calculation

Conditional form actions make for the most flexible survey logic on the market

Unique question types including QR code scans, spreadsheet formats, dropdown of unique past answers, mapping and more!

Create Illustration

Collect data offline

Compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari

Connect to hardware via serial USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi

Fully customize survey completion page using JS, CSS, HTML

Upload images or files in surveys

Collect Illustration

Customize logo, colors and subdomain for your organization

Collect and manage data together using Groups

Create farmOS farms, manage networks, and onboard producers easily with farmOS integration

Bulk invite members to fill out surveys without requiring login

Manage your groups data: fix, resubmit, reassign or archive

Make any survey field private

Design new integrations and contribute to the platform

Manage Illustration

Filter your data and sort by any field in the survey, directly from the Results page

Write your own custom javascript scripts for data merging, cleaning, and visualization

Contract SurveyStack experts to write custom scripts

Export your data easily as a .csv or .json

Inner html code depends on layer

Process Illustration

Benchmark farms across common indicators and practices using the Farmer’s CoffeeShop

Pull data from our API using custom filters across any field in the survey

Easily connect your own web dashboards using SurveyStack API

Contract SurveyStack experts to build custom dashboards

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SurveyStack is a project of Our Sci, LLC, an organization that builds tools and processes to support community research